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How To Prepare For Your Dental Implant Procedure

Posted on 6/20/2022 by Dr. Shiotsu
How To Prepare For Your Dental Implant ProcedurePeople who have missing teeth can benefit from dental implants. While the procedure offers an effective solution for teeth replacement, some patients may worry about it because of its nature. Preparing yourself for dental implant treatment can help ensure the procedure goes on smoothly. It can also help ensure a successful recovery. Before you come to our dental office for implant placement, you may want to consider these things:

Clear your Schedule

Don't pack your time with lots of events before and after the procedure. Once you get the implants, you need to rest as the healing process continues. Devote the first three days following the procedure to self-care. Some patients may rebound quickly and get back to work or their normal activities. However, it is safe you take your recovery period with caution to prevent complications and ensure a fast healing period.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Getting dental implants means you will sit in a dental chair for quite some hours. Make sure you are comfortable by wearing clothes that fit loosely and are comfortable. Leave big jewelry, watches, or other accessories at home. These items can interfere with the procedure or get in the way of the dentist. Besides, avoid heavy makeup during the scheduled day of the procedure.

Plan your Meals

Prepare soft foods that are easy to eat so that you don't have to chew a lot after the implant placement. During the first few days, the gums are tender and may feel uncomfortable chewing at hard food. Juices and smoothies are a good way to start. Avoid spicy and acidic foods because they can irritate the wound. If you will go under sedation before the surgery, you may have to avoid eating for 4 to 12 hours prior to the procedure. To schedule an implant placement procedure for missing teeth, contact our prosthodontic office.  

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