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What is a Tooth Socket Graft?

Posted on 2/22/2021 by Dr. Shiotsu
What is a Tooth Socket Graft?When a patient has a tooth removed, the empty space can cause a whole host of problems for the patient's oral cavity health. The remaining teeth will try to shift into the empty space. When they shift, they become out of alignment which can then in turn cause problems with the jaw being misaligned as well. This compromises the bite motion and can cause pain in the temporomandibular joint. A tooth socket graft can help maintain the empty space.

Reasons for a Tooth Socket Graft

When a tooth has been extracted or lost by natural means and they choose to get an implant, it is important to maintain the space before the implant can be placed. The socket graft will do just that. It also promotes healing and helps keep infection and disease from setting in.

Tooth Socket Graft Procedure

Typically, the tooth socket graft is one of many restorative dental surgeries necessary to restore the patient's oral health to normal. For instance. It is used to keep the socket clean and healthy so that an implant can be placed at a later time. In many situations, the tooth socket graft is but a single step in a complex set of restorative dental procedures. They are most commonly used in those situations detailed in the sections below.

When there is not enough bone or gum tissue to support an implant then a gum graft and bone graft need to be performed. These both help to rebuild the lost tissue and provide an excellent foundation to support the dental implant. To hold the empty socket and keep the teeth where they belong, a tooth socket graft is utilized.

Another solution available is known as a dental bridge which we can help you understand more about at your next appointment with us. This is an appliance that bridges the vacated space by securing the bridge to the teeth on either side of the socket.

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