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Dental Implants: An Advantageous Reconstruction Option For Lost Teeth!

Posted on 10/10/2022 by Dr. Shiotsu
Dental Implants: An Advantageous Reconstruction Option For Lost Teeth!Tooth loss has far-reaching consequences. It causes a decline in your ability to chew properly as a result, you have a poorer diet and impeded speech. Tooth loss also impacts your physical appearance, you may have a sunken-in face. While there are many kinds of tooth replacement procedures, they don't work equally. When seeking a tooth replacement treatment, consider one that can provide long-lasting solutions and doesn't have many downsides when received. Dental implants are as today, the most reliable form of tooth loss replacement for a number of reasons.

Dental Implants

During the dental implant placement, a dentist inserts the screw into the jawbone. An artificial crown is then used to cap the implants. Together, the implant screw and the crown create a function and look of the natural teeth. A patient can chew, talk, and smile as usual.

Benefits of Dental Implants

What comes to mind when we talk of dental implants is that they allow patients to retain and maintain their chewing abilities. Patients can eat healthy food. They can also speak correctly and keep smiling and feel confident in their look. Another overriding benefit of dental implants is that they maintain long-term jawbone health. Not many people know that once a tooth, as well as the root, is lost, the surrounding gum tissue and bone start to weaken and shrink or erode. The other teeth are affected, causing bite misalignment, decay, and gum infection. Additionally, tooth loss causes shrinkage in the mass and density of the jawbone.

Patients seeking lasting solutions to tooth loss need to choose dental implants. Implants can last a lifetime when you take proper care of the teeth and gums. You need to cleanse the mouth frequently by brushing twice daily and flossing once a day. You should not skip the visits to the dentist because you need the gums, existing teeth, and artificial teeth checked. You may risk a condition known as peri-implantitis if you don't maintain strict dental hygiene. Visit us for your dental implant procedure and other dental restorations from our prosthodontist.

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