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Why Do Denture Wearers Often Place A Towel In The Sink?

Posted on 5/23/2022 by Dr. Shiotsu
Why Do Denture Wearers Often Place A Towel In The Sink?Caring for dentures is extremely important because it helps them remain in perfect condition and function properly. There are various things you can do to take good care of these restorations, one being soaking them overnight to eradicate bacteria. When you want to reinsert them in the mouth, you should first make sure you rinse restorations. It is a common practice to place a towel in the sink while removing the dentures and putting them on. This is crucial for denture safety.

You Should Handle Dentures Cautiously

The reason people place a towel in the sink when removing dentures is to prevent breakage in the event that they accidentally fall. Dentures are fabricated with a delicate material that may easily crack or break if dropped on a hard surface or floor. As such, people find it convenient to put a piece of towel in the sink when taking the dentures out. This safety precaution works well, especially for aged denture wearers that may have problems handling the restorations.

Now that you know why you see that towel in the sink, what else? Apart from taking this important safety precaution, you need to clean the dentures.

Cleaning Dentures Properly

You should brush your dentures once daily. You have to remove them from the mouth to clean them. Soak the dentures overnight in a special cleaning solution. In the morning brush them. When brushing make sure you have a soft-bristled brush together with a non-abrasive denture cleanser. These tools ensure that you get rid of food debris, plaque, bacteria, and deposits without risking damaging the restorations.

Keep in mind that avoiding hard foods is important, especially during the first weeks because dentures can break easily. For more information on how to handle and care for dentures, schedule a consultative appointment with our prosthodontics team.

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