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Denture Stomatitis and What You Need to Know

Posted on 3/21/2022 by Dr. Shiotsu
Denture Stomatitis and What You Need to KnowDenture stomatitis is a condition where a fungus known as the candida causes an inflammatory reaction due to dentures in the mouth. This inflammatory reaction may be caused by either an injury or an allergic reaction due to contact with the gums. The areas in contact with the dentures then get sore, leading to difficulties in eating and speaking. Here are facts about denture stomatitis you should know.

Who Is Prone to Denture Stomatitis?

People who have either partial or full dentures are prone to denture stomatitis. It gets even riskier for you when you don't maintain good oral hygiene as a denture wearer. Some medications are also known to cause stomatitis; these include some antibiotics, especially when taken over a long period.

What Are the Symptoms?

Denture stomatitis is not easily recognizable to the untrained eye. Therefore, we recommend you come in for a check-up if you have any suspicions about your dentures. When you come for a check-up, our professionals will check for swollen or red patches inside your mouth. They will also check for small reddish dots, especially at the corners of the lips.

Treatment of Denture Stomatitis

To fight dental stomatitis, we recommend you step up your game in oral hygiene. A clean set of teeth and gums is a boost in your fight against any oral disease. Be careful not to damage the dentures by brushing your teeth aggressively. Also, it would be best if you also clean your dentures regularly using a denture cleaning solution. Clean dentures will help you ward off bacteria that would otherwise be breeding in the uncleaned corners of your dentures.

Some cases of dental stomatitis are severe and would need medical intervention. Therefore, we can prescribe some medication for you in case there is a need. This depends on the extent of damage in your mouth. Contact us for more information on denture stomatitis.

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