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Is it Toothache or Tooth Sensitivity?

Posted on 2/7/2022 by Dr. Shiotsu
Is it Toothache or Tooth Sensitivity?Have you experienced sensitive or aching teeth out of nowhere, especially during the fall? As the fall flowers begin to bloom, your teeth may suddenly hurt. Fall allergies can be a culprit for aching or sensitive teeth. Often, we think that allergies cause sneezing attacks, itchy eyes, and runny noses; however, what we may not know is that the same processes that trigger these common allergy reactions may also contribute to aching or sensitive teeth. The sinus cavities are situated in the cheek area, above the roots of the back teeth. Things like congestion, inflammation and infection of the sinuses are likely to cause pain in the nerves of the teeth. Now that you know a thing or two about toothache and sensitivity from allergies, what else can lead to these problems?

Cavity Pain and Tooth Sensitivity Pain

Although a cavity could lead to tooth pain, it is important to realize that tooth sensitivity and cavities are different. Whether the pain you experience feels short or sharp or you have an ongoing dull ache, pain within the teeth should not happen in the first place. If you experience pain, it can signal sensitivity or something serious like a cavity. Tooth sensitivity pain is usually short and sharp often arising from cold or hot drinks and foods. Cavity pain can be dull, sharp, or short and it can keep you awake during the night. Eating or biting down may also trigger cavity pain.

How it Happens

Bacteria in the mouth usually feed on the sugars we consume in drinks and foods. If left undisturbed on the teeth, the bacteria will break down the enamel of your tooth, leading to cavities or tooth decay. As a result, you will begin to experience cavity or tooth decay pain. In the case of tooth sensitivity, it happens when the enamel wears down. It can also occur when the gums recede, exposing the underlying sensitive dentine that features tiny holes leading to the tooth nerves. Triggers such as ice water may set off the nerves in your teeth, causing you pain.

If your teeth are hurting, painful, or you are experiencing sensitivity, visit our dental office for checkup and diagnosis.

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