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Slipping Dentures Can Lead to Denture Sores

Posted on 11/8/2021 by Dr. Shiotsu
Slipping Dentures Can Lead to Denture SoresWith age, your mouth's size and composition change, affecting how your dentures fit. Also, as much as dentures are designed to fit in your mouth perfectly, you might experience denture slippages during the first few weeks. This mostly happens when you laugh, cough, or smile. It can also happen while talking or eating. Dentures have a solid base that exerts pressure on your gums when they slip. Therefore, the slippages can affect your mouth by causing sores, and, in extreme cases, lead to stomach upsets due to not chewing food properly. If these open sores are not treated, they can lead to inflammation and other oral infections. However, here ways you can detect and prevent your dentures from slipping.

Avoiding Denture Slippage

Luckily, there are several ways you can avoid denture slippage. Simple steps like being careful when inserting dentures can help reduce slipping. Therefore, you shouldn't rush when inserting the dentures; do it in front of a mirror that will guide you to gently and correctly insert them. It is not recommended to force dentures into position because it leads to slipping. You can also prevent denture slippages by sipping water. When the dentures are dry, the soft material on them forms a seal and becomes hard. Consequently, the dentures will easily shift position and increase the chances of slippage. Taking sips of water regularly will help prevent this from happening.

You should also avoid eating hard foods during the first few weeks. Hard foods like ice will push the denture out of position, making it easy to slip. You should stick to a soft diet during the first few weeks and allow dentures to settle in. This will go a long way in preventing denture slippage. Visit our offices for more information on denture slippage.

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