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Do You Know How to Keep Your Dental Bonding Strong?

Posted on 7/26/2021 by Dr. Shiotsu
Do You Know How to Keep Your Dental Bonding Strong?The best way to keep your dental bonding strong is to regularly care for your teeth and gums. Doing so will keep the resin whiter and prevent problems with discoloration, decay, or erosion.

Take Care of Bonded Teeth Like You Take Care of Regular Teeth

Make sure you floss and brush your bonded teeth each day just like your regular teeth. That means brushing at least twice a day for two minutes and flossing once a day for the same length of time. Doing so will prevent decay from forming and will increase the life of the bonding.

Protect Your Teeth with a Mouthguard

You can also safeguard bonded teeth by wearing a mouthguard during sports play, while working out, or performing any activity that might lead to an injury. Wearing a mouthguard will also protect your bonded teeth and natural teeth if you grind and clench your teeth or suffer from bruxism.

See Our Dental Team Every Six Months for a Professional Cleaning and Exam

To ensure the longevity of your bonded teeth, you need to visit our dental team every six months for an exam and cleaning. That way, we can check your bonding to ensure the functionality and appearance of your smile. We can always touch up a bonded tooth if the bonding has worn down, or you want to whiten your natural teeth, and the bonding needs to match. To keep the resin from staining, drink coffee or cola through a straw, directing the liquid to the back of the throat and not on the bonded teeth. Refrain from eating dark-colored foods so your bonded teeth will always look great.

Are you interested in tooth bonding? If so, we can give you further details about the process. Give us a call today so we can discuss the procedure. Why not contact us now to schedule an appointment for an exam and consultation?

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