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Do You Get the Same Damage from Sugar if You Use Fake Sugars?

Posted on 7/12/2021 by Dr. Shiotsu
Do You Get the Same Damage from Sugar if You Use Fake Sugars?Sugars are everywhere and in virtually every processed or packaged food in the grocery store. Not only is it important to choose good food for your body, but it is also important to choose food that is going to benefit your oral health. It is widely understood that sugars damage your teeth. However, do features also damage your teeth?

Damage from Regular Sugar

To understand how sugars and fake sugars affect your teeth, we must look at each of them separately. When you eat foods which contain regular sugar, the bacterium in your mouth eat the sugar off your teeth. In theory, this sounds like a beneficial process. However, the bacteria produce acid as a byproduct which attacks the enamel of your teeth. The enamel, or the hard shiny surface of your tooth, is easily weakened and decalcified by these potent acids.

Damage from Fake Sugar

Artificial sweeteners do not contain sugar. Even though you are not feeding the bacteria in your mouth a food source to produce acid, your teeth are still affected by artificial sweeteners. Most food or beverages which contain these fake sweeteners also contain a high level of acid. The elevated acid levels make sugar free candies and soft drinks taste better, but also cause damage to the enamel.

Look to Satisfy Your Body with Good Food

For your overall health, it is best to avoid food and drinks which contain sugar. Try to consume fresh produce instead. Find an all-natural fruit juice or fresh berry blend to satisfy your taste buds and benefit your health. Give our office a call to schedule your next dental cleaning and exam. We look forward to helping you make good choices for your overall health and improved oral hygiene.

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