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Can My Crown Come off? If so, What Can I Do to Prevent it?

Posted on 4/12/2021 by Dr. Shiotsu
Can My Crown Come off? If so, What Can I Do to Prevent it?Crowns are small caps placed on the biting surface of the tooth. They are some of the most versatile of all dental appliances. Whether the tooth is fractured, chipped, or simply badly eroded, crowns can help to strengthen and save the tooth. By doing this it can restore the tooth's functionality and help maintain the patient's oral hygiene. While they are excellent restorative dentistry methods, they can become loose or even fall off the tooth.

Reasons Crowns Come Off

One of the reasons crowns come off is that they were improperly fitted to the tooth surface when placed. This is the most likely scenario especially if the crown fell out right after being placed. It could also be caused by faulty construction. From the normal bite force of the jaw, the crown can become loose.

Another cause of crowns coming loose is failing dental cement. Despite the cement being strong and durable, it does begin to fail over time. In spite of great dental hygiene, the glue can deteriorate and weaken leading to the crown falling off. If this happens, the good news is the crown can simply be cleaned of any remnants of glue and placed back onto the tooth with new cement.

Teeth grinding can also be a cause of crowns falling off. When patients grind their teeth, this can apply a constant force on the teeth, weakening and loosening the crown. This generally occurs more often in the back teeth and in the front. It can even break the crown if left unchecked. For those patients who grind their teeth, it is important to use a mouth guard while sleeping.

The last factor is the return of tooth decay. If patients fail to brush or floss properly, decay can begin to set in underneath the crown. This can weaken the crown and cause it to come loose. We can help answer any questions regarding crowns when you come to see us.

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