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Restoring Snow White Teeth For Your Special Occasion

Posted on 6/6/2022 by Dr. Shiotsu
Restoring Snow White Teeth For Your Special OccasionIt could be your wedding day, birthday anniversary, Christmas party, or Halloween night – a bright smile creates a lot of confidence and happiness. It brings your social qualities alive and you don't have to hide your smile when out there. Better still, you can give your family a special treat by booking them an in-office whitening appointment during your celebration event.

Why do Our Teeth Stain?

The color of our tooth' enamel is like the skin of our color – everyone's is a little different. You may notice some people have darker enamel. Others have more porous enamel that is prone to discoloration. Again, as we age, the enamel becomes thin and starts to show its dentin under the enamel layer. This is the reason our seniors often have teeth that look more yellowish.

Foods such as blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, dark chocolates, and soy sauce have pigments that tend to stain the enamel. Also, drinks like cranberry, red wine, dark juices, cola, coffee, and tea can also stain teeth.

If a child gets too much fluoride, staining of the teeth can occur, and it's permanent because it happens within the dentin layer. This is a condition known as fluorosis. Cigarettes are an obvious reason you have stained teeth because nicotine leaves yellow stains. Tetracycline, an antibiotic heavily used in the 60s and 70s has been linked to tooth discoloration among children. And just like fluorosis, the staining is permanent. Genes are also a culprit to teeth staining. The enamel of some people is darker than others. Some people also have more porous enamel.

Whitening Options

You may consider in-office whitening performed by a dentist. It is considered the most effective and gives results faster compared to other kinds of whitening. Additionally, there are at-home whitening kits. These aren't the DIY whitening kits you find in drug stores. They are supervised, at-home whitening kits that a dentist provides you. The dentist offers professional-strength gel that you use at home with special instructions. Talk to us about your teeth whitening needs and we will offer you the right solution. Book your consultation appointment.

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