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How to Manage Caring for Your Partial Denture

Posted on 6/22/2020 by Dr. Shiotsu
How to Manage Caring for Your Partial DentureLearning how to properly care for your partial dentures is very important as it will help determine how long your dentures are going to last. Following through with proper care and instructions from our office will be very important.

How to Prepare for Daily Cleanings

You should learn to handle your dentures with a great deal of care. Fill your sink with warm water, then gently lay a soft towel over the sink to avoid any accidents such as dropping them down the sink – partial dentures can indeed break if they fall or hit a surface too hard. Once you have the towel down and fill your sink with warm water and wash your partials in the water, ideally after each meal as this will help to remove any loose food debris.

Be careful not to make the water too hot as that could cause more damage to the partial perhaps warping it and then it will not fit properly. As with our natural teeth, partial dentures need daily brushing with a soft brush or a special dental brush, but, be careful as to not use toothpaste – as it is abrasive and creates scratches where plaque and food can build up. You can brush your partials with warm water, or even soap or a special denture paste. The dental office should be able to recommend a good one for you.

There are also denture tablets that can be used on occasion if you want to put them in the warm water to soak as this can often times help remove some lighter stains and build up. However, read carefully on the label for the instructions as each brand will have a variation of how their brand works best. Always look for a product with the ADA Seal of Approval as you can be assured those products have already been thoroughly tested and approved and safe. Upon completion of the soaking, rinse completely with the warm water solution before you re-insert the partial dentures.

If you want to have a fresh feeling and taste in your mouth, it is ideal to rinse with a mouthwash after cleaning. Remember, when your partials are not in your mouth, they should ideally always be kept in a denture solution, this will help the partials not dry out as they are made with acrylic and if they dry it will cause the fit to not be as tight and the partial can and does become brittle.

Call Us for Help

If you are experiencing trouble with your dentures or having trouble with cleaning your dentures in any way, please call the office and we will be happy to help you and get an appointment scheduled.

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