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Issues with Dentures to Know About if You Care for a Senior

Posted on 4/20/2020 by Dr. Shiotsu
Issues with Dentures to Know About if You Care for a Senior If you care for a senior, you have our utmost respect. We know that caring for a senior can be very difficult work, but we also know it is a labor of love. If you do care for an aging parent, grandparent or other relative, we want you to know some information about oral care for your senior, especially if they wear dentures.

About Senior Denture Care

Many seniors have dentures. In fact, dental care was not an option for many seniors when they were growing up. The lack of dental care led to a lot of tooth decay and gum disease, which is the major reason senior wear dentures. In fact, one out of every four seniors has lost all of their teeth and wear dentures. Dentures are made of plastic, composite and porcelain, and are removable. Seniors usually wear them all day and take them out at night. Here are some common problems seniors have with dentures that you need to be aware of.

The Dentures Don't Fit Properly

The most common problem with seniors with dentures is that they don't fit properly. Even if the dentures fit properly when the senior got them, a senior's mouth changes over time. Not only do gums change, but so do bones and tissues. When dentures don't fit well, they can be very uncomfortable for seniors. These dentures can cause swelling, sores, and irritation. Check your senior's gums to see if they appear irritated or sore. If the gums appear irritated, your senior's gums may need to be adjusted so they fit properly.

Health Conditions Can Affect Denture Wear

There are several health conditions that can affect denture wear. First, you need to know that if your senior has diabetes, they are at greater risk for gum disease. If your senior has diabetes, you will need to check their gums frequently for signs of inflammation. Managing their blood sugar levels will help keep seniors' gums as healthy as possible. There are also medications that can affect denture wear, such as blood pressure medications, chemotherapy drugs, allergy and asthma medications, and anti-depressants. All of these medications can cause dry mouth, which can increase the amount of bacteria in the mouth and cause gum disease. If your senior is on medication, be sure they stay hydrated. If you have questions about caring for your senior's dentures, or other questions a

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