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Sticky Foods Can Lead to Wiggling Dentures

Posted on 9/20/2019 by Dr. Shiotsu
Sticky Foods Can Lead to Wiggling DenturesWithout a doubt, getting dentures will enable you to broaden your horizons when it comes to the foods you can eat. You might be in the position of having been forced to give up eating foods that require anything more than the most delicate chewing.

The good news is, with dentures, you will once again be able to enjoy foods besides soups and other creamy foods.

The bad news is that you do still have to pay attention to what you eat. While dentures are designed to mimic the operation of your natural teeth, remember that they are not affixed in your mouth as securely as your natural teeth (or dental implants) would be.

Sticky Foods and Your Dentures

Depending on how you hold your dentures in your mouth, you may be able to eat foods that require more chewing than the foods you could eat when you did not have your dentures. Burgers, pastries, and other foods should be no problem for your dentures.

However, other foods are probably going to give you some trouble even after your dentures are properly affixed in your mouth. Foods such as saltwater taffy even some types of hard candies or chewing gum can cause your dentures to begin moving around in your mouth.

Consider how these foods react when your dentures bite down on them: they often create a pulling sensation when you try to open your mouth again. Eventually, this force will be greater than the one holding your dentures in place, and you will have wiggling dentures.

Pay Attention to What You Eat
All this does not mean you cannot eat foods you enjoy. However, you will have to pay more attention to what you eat than you did when you had your natural teeth. Still, by being careful, you should be able to enjoy most foods just as you did when your natural teeth were in place.

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