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Problems If Your Dentures Begin to Dry Out

Posted on 6/10/2019 by Dr. Shiotsu
Problems If Your Dentures Begin to Dry OutDentures are a wonderful appliance for patients that are missing multiple teeth. Getting a pair of well-fitted dentures can be an almost life-changing experience. You will be able to smile confidently again. Your speech will improve, and best of all you will once again be able to enjoy all of those foods you have been unable to eat.

But dentures don't maintain themselves. You must maintain them with a regular oral hygiene regimen just as you do with your teeth. Just like your natural teeth, they have to be brushed daily to remove food particles. Ultrasonic cleaners are available for dentures, but they are not a replacement for brushing. You should also brush your gums and your tongue every day to remove plaque and keep your gums stimulated. Most of all put your dentures in water or a solution when you are not using them.

What Happens if They Dry Out?

Your dentures will only dry out if you do not maintain them properly. It is essential that you keep them moist when they are not in use. Most dentures are made of acrylic. This is a strong substance that is able to withstand chewing and the normal wear your teeth take. But if they are not cared for properly, they can be damaged.

When you store your dentures never store them in hot water. Hot water can warp the acrylic and your dentures will no longer fit properly. If you allow your dentures to dry out by not keeping them moist when you are not using them, you can also cause them to get distorted or warp. If you properly care for your dentures, they will last you for a long time.

If you would like information on how best to care for your dentures, please contact us. We' are happy to help with your decision.

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