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How Do Antidepressants Impact Dental Implants?

Posted on 1/20/2019 by Dr. Shiotsu
How Do Antidepressants Impact Dental Implants?The body is a complex organism. One part of the body can impact the way another part works even if they do not seem to have a connection. The way that the body works as a unit can create a variety of problems.

If a person suffers from depression, they may turn to antidepressants to help them manage the problem. But what if they also have dental implants. How will the use of antidepressants affect that?

Understanding Dental Implants

People turn to dental implants because they believe it is the best and most permanent solution to lost, broke sand damaged teeth. The implants help restore a natural smile and are a great tool, but they are not perfect. One of the myths about dental implants is that they will last forever.

Dental implants do have a lifespan. They typically last 25 years or longer. While that is a long time, it is also possible for dental implants to fail in a shorter time frame. Implants fail for a variety of reasons, including poor care, trauma and antidepressants.

How Antidepressants Cause Dental Implant Failure

One of the keys to the success of dental implants is the bone growth that secures them in place. The new bone growth is vital to the strength of the implants. The bone growth provides the support and strength that keeps the implant in place and allows the crown put over the implant to work the way that people want.

Antidepressants can inhibit the growth of bone. They can affect the bone metabolism that leads to the new bone growth that implants rely on. If there is not enough new bone growth, the implant will lack the strength it needs, and this can lead to implant failure. Antidepressants can also cause dry mouth and bruxism, which can both damage not only the implants, but also any natural teeth.

Antidepressants are one of the most prescribed medications today. It is important for people to understand how they affect their dental implants and their overall oral health if they use them. It does not mean they cannot take the antidepressants. It only means they need to understand the potential problems.

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