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Learning to Speak Is Difficult with New Dentures

Posted on 7/20/2018 by Dr. Shiotsu
Learning to Speak Is Difficult with New DenturesIf someone got a prosthetic leg or arm, they would take some time to learn how to do certain things again. That is normal, and no one questions it. People should think the same things about dentures.

They are replacing a part of the body. It will take time to learn how to do things that came naturally before. One of the things a person wearing new dentures will have to learn how to do again is speaking. This is some of the things they need to learn.

Problems You May Have With Dentures

When people get dentures, they will notice certain things about their speech. Knowing what types of difficulties you may experience can help you learn how to speak with dentures.

•  Clicking Sounds - The muscles of the cheek and gums will try to kick the dentures out of the mouth causing them to make a clicking sound.
•  Trouble with S and F - These letters are often the most difficult to pronounce properly with dentures.
•  Sounding Different - People wonder if the sound of their voice changes because of the dentures.

Once a person recognizes the potential problems speaking with dentures, they can learn some techniques to fix it.

What to Do
These are the solutions to the problems that people face. To avoid clicking sounds, slow down your speech. Talking slowly will stop the movements of the dentures that cause the clicking sound. Over time, your cheek muscles and the dentures will adjust to each other and the clicking should go away.

Practice is the best way to eliminate trouble with certain letters or words. It is often a good idea to practice in front of a mirror, so you can see how your mouth moves with these letters or words. If you think you sound different, do not stress it. While dentures can make you talk louder or may change your voice slightly, it is more noticeable to you than it is to anyone else.

Wearing dentures is a change in many ways. The best way to overcome change is through practice and repetition. Contact our dental professionals with any questions you have about dentures or anything else

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