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How Often Do Dentures Need Refitting?

Posted on 11/17/2017 by Dr. Shiotsu
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Dentures are a common solution to replace missing teeth. Replacement teeth sit in a gum colored base, which are supported by your gums. Dentures are made from molds of your mouth, helping to ensure a snug, proper fit.

Many people think that once you have your dentures, they are meant to last a lifetime. This is, however, not true. Dentures need to be replaced about every 5 to 7 years to keep your mouth healthy.

Why Do Dentures Need to be Replaced?

Your natural teeth play an important role in keeping your jawbone strong and healthy. When you lose your teeth, the bone begins to resorb, and grows weak. As it does, the shape of your jaw, and your face, changes.

Since your dentures are a rigid structure based on a mold of your mouth, they cannot change with your jaw. So, the dentures that once fit perfectly, will no longer stay in place.

Symptoms to Watch For

Signs that it might be time for your dentures to be replaced include:

•  Sore, irritated gums.
•  Difficulty chewing.
•  Your dentures fall out when speaking.
•  Changes in your facial features.
•  Headaches, neck aches or ear pain.

What Happens if You Don't Replace Your Dentures?

Continuing to wear dentures that no longer fit properly can cause serious damage to your mouth. Irritated gums could lead to not only significant pain, but infection as well. Ill-fitting dentures can cause issues with eating.

Because you cannot properly chew your food, your body has to work harder to digest it, which can then negatively impact your overall nutrition. You could even be faced with accelerated bone loss. This can then lead to a sunken face, and premature aging.

Replacing your dentures every 5 to 7 years will help to keep your gums comfortable, and your mouth healthy.

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