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How Do Denture Creams Hold Dentures Still?

Posted on 5/20/2017 by Dr. Shiotsu
A pair of dentures floating inside of a glass jar.
When you have dentures, you want them to stay in your mouth when you talk and when you chew. You don't want them moving around. Ensuring that your dentures fit properly is the first step to achieve dentures that don't slip. Your next step is an adhesive cream. These creams can be bought over -the-counter and are designed to tighten the fit of your denture.

That sounds great, but how can a cream keep my dentures from moving? It almost sounds like a cream will help them move. That's a good question and here is the answer.

How Do Denture Creams Work?

Denture creams are not really creams that are actually adhesives. They are formulated to make sure that your dentures fit well and that the fit lasts all day. Clinical studies have been performed to ensure that the creams do what they say they do.

The studies have shown that the creams can make your dentures fit better, and can reduce the irritation and sore spots you can get when your dentures move around and rub the soft tissue of your gum.

So, what is dental cream? Dental cream is an adhesive. When you apply it as directed, the natural moisture in your mouth transforms the cream into a membrane that is like elastic. This is how it becomes an adhesive. You don't have to apply much of the adhesive and most of them have a shelf life of several years.

These creams are easy to apply. You put a few dots on your dentures or you apply it in a line. Then you put your dentures in and press firmly and hold for a few seconds. If the cream oozes out of the sides you used too much. There are several types of cream and you will have to experiment to see which one is right for you.

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